2005 Dodge Durango wants to die out

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    Hi I have a 2005 dodge Durango 4.7 engine,when I’m at a stop light my truck feels like it wants to die out. it only happens when the a/c is running and two tvs. please help.

    RE: A common problem is that the vehicle isn’t getting enough air through the intake at idle. Try cleaning out your throttle body, it’s probably loaded up with carbon deposits. Check your air filter too.

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    My current battery which is the OEM one has finally died. It’s the original battery from 2003 (Shocker, i know) and I’m shopping around for something similar especially dependability of it. Price wise, I already know it will be between 100-140 but it obviously needs to get done.

    My question though is on certain brands that are out and a better bang for the buck. I went to crappy tire store earlier today and looked at the price for the branding and one that has a 2yr warranty is $92 compared to one that is $115 with a 3 year warranty. Or should I just go to Rocky’s?

    RE: I would always recommend OEM replacement. If you want the best reliability, replace your battery with an AC Delco Battery. It’s ALWAYS worth the money and you’ll have the longest warranty too.

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    Autozone has some good batteries with good warranty.
    Sears used to be the place to get car batteries, but i think they are going out of business.
    Most of the large national parts stores have good automotive batteries with a good warranty.

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    05 liberty has 60,000 original miles, just started . I noticed it low on coolant so I added about quart and a half to it drove it two days checked it and it was low again so added some. I checked for leaks can’t see any. and it’s not coming out exhaust or any evidence of it burning.  And its not on the dipstick. I hope im just being paranoid.what do you think.

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    Depends how low it’s getting, but if you’re losing it, it has to be going somewhere. It could be getting in the combustion process and not show signs of burning or smoke out the tailpipe. Since there are no noticeable external leaks, a pressure test of the cooling system would help. If you have the tools, a cylinder leakdown tester is a great way to see if the head or head gasket has a problem.

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    I just had a fuel pump put on my car and now it stalls when trying to start it sounds like it’s pulling my battery down then it catches and starts up. checked my battery and it is fine and bolts are tight can someone please help.

    RE: How did you check your battery? Did you load test it? It could be on the verge of being bad and you not know it. Also, a starter can draw a battery down pretty far while cranking if there is an excessive draw from it. I would say you need to get your charging and starting systems checked out.

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    i have a dodge ram 1500 2wd 5.9 v8

    it is not firing i have changed the ignition coil crank sensor pick up coil spark plugs and i had the timing checked and still it wont turn over it is trying to start but wont. i dont know what else it could be help!!!!!!!

    RE: Could be a bad fuel pump, or fuel delivery problem like bad fuel injectors. Maybe a faulty computer, or a wiring problem as well. It would help to have a scanner so you can watch what is happening as you try and crank the truck and see the live data of particular sensors that may not be working.

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    I own a 2005 Jeep Wrangler with 44,000 miles on it. Recently while driving the oil pressure gauge was fluctuating and the check gauges light flashed with an audible signal as well. I have always changed the oil and filter every 2,500 miles. I checked it and it’s full and clean. What should I be looking at?

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