2006 Buick Rainier Won’t Shift And Speedometer Not Working

I have a 2006 Buick Rainier. Last night everything was fine. This morning when we were on our way to the store it would not shift and the speedometer stopped working working. What can i check to repair this problem.

These 2 items would be related to one thing- the vehicle speed sensor(VSS).

The VSS sends speed signal to the powertrain computer for speedometer operation, transmission shiftting, cruise control, etc.

Either the sensor is bad, the wiring to the sensor has an short or open circuit, or the toothed ring. This part is inside the transmission that causes the sensor to give a reading. A scan tool would be needed to check for output of the VSS sensor.
Would need to check resistance value of the sensor with an OHM meter. If ok, do the same for the wiring to the sensor.If both ok, inspection of the toothed ring inside the transmission would need to be inspected.

Gotta be the sensor or the wires right at the sensor.

Would this effect the speedometer and the transmission?

Had a couple where the wires came loose an actally rubbed on the axle. Gave some crazy reading because the wires were shorting out on the steel part of the inner axle joint.

Seemed like the wires rubbing on the spinning axle induced a voltage to give odd readings that did not come up on the normal testing.