1996 Dodge Dakota Speedometer Not Registering

I have a 1996 Dodge Dakota and my speedometer isn’t registering. I’ve replaced the speed sensor and it still doesn’t register.

You could have a faulty speedometer, which would require replacement of the instrument cluster. Or there could be a wiring problem somewhere between the vehicle speed sensor and instrument panel gagues cluster.

OK, cause all the other sensors register in the cluster.

That doesn’t mean that the speedometer is functional.

Let me rephrase what it is, I said that wrong. I mean that the speedometer fluctuates and doesn’t stand consistant until I’ve driven for like 20 minutes. When i first start driving it doesn’t register and the trip and mileage meters don’t register.

OK, then that’s a little better description. That really sounds like a bad connection somewhere or a wire that is partially shorted or broken.

Does the wiring harness run straight from the sensor to the circuit board?

It probably ties into the rest of the engine harness and up toward the main fuse box and firewall area and then into the car where it joins the dash harness and up to the instrument cluster. The most common areas that the harness would rub through would be down by the transmission and in that general area.

Also same vehicle I have replaced the idle air motor 14 times. I drive the vehicle quite a bit. do you have any suggestions for why I have to keep replacing it?

14 times???

Yes, that is correct.

Well you’re either using inferior aftermarket parts that will always go bad, or you have a bigger issue somewhere.

Thanks your help.

Sure thing! Have a good night.

Dodge Dakota Won’t Start

I was in a rear end accident, now my Dodge Dakota won’t start. I tried putting it back in park. I did have to reconnect the ground wire on the battery. We tried to jump it off with another car. All we get is a “thung” sound. Like it is going to ground. Please help.

Answer: If you mean that the engine will not crank over like a dead battery, and a jump does not help, try a different battery first. They can go bad so that not even a jump wil get it to crank over.

If there is a loud clunk and the engine will not turn over, then the engine may be locked up .Try turning it by hand. Use a large wrench on the lower crank pulley bolt to try to turn the engine. If it wont, you have an internal engine problem.