Can I Replace The Fuel Sender Without Removing The Tank?

How do I replace the Fuel Gauge Sensor in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You have to remove the gas tank and fuel pump assembly to replace the fuel level sensor.

I can get to the fuel pump w/out dropping the fuel tank.. Can I do it that way?

Do you mean through the access hole in the trunk?

Yes. I have read that there is one of those on this Pontiac.

You can yes, although it is a tight squeeze. Place some towels around the opening because gas will spill as you remove it and you don’t want it staining or smelling up your car. There are several 10mm bolts that hold the cover on. Then you can remove the fuel pump assembly to replace the fuel level sender.

Thank you very much.

No problem.

Gas gauge problems are usually caused by this faulty sensor.

Worn out fingers on the fuel level sensor causes the gas gauge to be erratic.