2006 Chevy Silverado Transmission and Heater Problems

This controls the temperature of air coming out of the vents. When they go bad, the air stays cold or hot and you cannot adjust it.

Hi I just had a rebuild transmission put in my 06 Chevy Silverado truck. It ran fine for a couple of day now it doesn’t get any gears.

Well I would say you’ve got a problem again in the transmission. Was it rebuilt by someone that knew what they were doing?

Yes it was by a machine shop.

Something had to break or go bad inside the trans again to cause your problem…I’d recommend taking it back to who did the work on it and have it fixed again. Whoever is responsible for the work…did you have two different places do the work?

Yes I had bought a rebuilt transmission from a mechanic shop and had it replaced.

Alright, I guess who you purchased the rebuilt transmission you from would have to fix it.

Thank you.

I would also like to know where the blend door that controls temperature is located on my 1994 Chevrolet C1500 v6 pickup. It is not heating enough. The coolant system is at good levels and no leaks are present. -Robert

The door itself is inside the heater case behind the dash, but I doubt the door is your problem. You probably have a bad temperature door actuator, or a wiring/vacuum problem to that actuator.

2001 Chevy 1500 Binding Up

I have a 2001 Chevy 1500 with 5.3 V-8 and at times it feels like some thing is hold my truck from moving freely almost like some thing is binding up a bit. At times when your going down a small grade and let off the throttle it will decrease in speed, going up a small grade it seems you need more throttle I drive the same road 2 times a day

Answer: Going down a grade and your Chevy truck is slowing down sounds like the transmission is in a lower gear. If this happens only sometimes, make sure to feel for a downshift as you start going down the hill. The truck should not do that. May sound silly, but make sure the gear shifter is in the D overdrive range.

No Heat From Drivers Side Vents

Hi, my 94 c1500 v6 has a heater actuator problem. I have no heat from the drivers side vents. I believe its the one that controls the temperature. Is this particular actuator in a place that is hard to get at? My coolant levels are good with no leaking.This controls the temperature of air coming out of the vents. When they go bad, the air stays cold or hot and you cannot adjust it.

Your particular truck had a couple different HVAC options. The temp actuator is either located on the bottom of the heater case, which is fairly easy to get at…or on top of the heater case, which in that instance would require removal of the entire dash assembly and is a very time consuming job. If you go to your local GM dealer, the parts department can show you a picture of where yours is exactly located.

Thank you Protech. I will do that.

You’re welcome, have a nice night.

1996 Silverado Ticking Noise

1996 Silverado, 2 wheel drive, extended cab. I was towing a trailer and from a dead stop heard a ticking noise that coincided with the same rpm as the driveline. within seconds it went away. Ever since then between 50 and 65 mph I get a vibration. I replaced the rear u joint and the carrier bearing and it seemed to help slightly. The front u joint is good. Any ideas? We have a big race Sat and I need to find out whats going on.

It could be something as simple as the driveshaft being out of balance. Since the u-joint replacement and bearing replacement seemed to help your issue, you may want to consider changing the front one as well, just to eliminate that as a cause. If you still experience the vibration, try rotating the tires and see if that helps. Another possibility is a wheel bearing or the brakes. Vibrations can be one of the most difficult things to diagnose properly unless the problem is blatantly staring you in the face. Good Luck!