1996 Ford F-150 wont start

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      I live in Texas and it has been over 105 degree for 3 months and here is the problem. My 1996 ford F-150 302 V8 truck is gasping when I go shopping I park my truck like normal but when I get done and go back to my truck to go to a different place the truck is acting like it is not getting enough gas and is sputtering and gasping. but when I push the gas down the truck finally acts like it is getting enough gas and works fine. This is the only time the truck acts like this. And I never have any problem even at stop lights only when I start up. My husband is saying that it is vapor locking.


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      Yes, because of the extreme heat, it does sound like vapor lock. You can try using a different brand / grade of gasoline. Higher alcohol content in gasoline contributes to vapor lock, and different brands of gas are all made a little different. If this just started recently after your last fill up, that may explain it.

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      Fuel injection should not get vapor lock. but with those extreme temperatures it is possible. I agree- try a different brand of gas. Also, if the check engine light is on, then have the computer scanned for codes. You may have a sensor going bad or something like that.

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      charles H

      1995 f150. I can go out to my truck and it starts right up but on the way to the store it might die on me. (Standard trans.). I can grind and grind and; grind, then suddenly it will hit then start just like nothing happened. I go home and park my truck and try to start it right back up but it will not start. I go in my house for an hour or so , then go back to my truck and it might start up or it might not. It’s like the ignition just shuts off until it’s ready to come back on. I have paid a lot of money to mechs but no one has been able to correct the problem. I had the computer replaced but that did not solve the problem. Please help me. I am 80 years old really do need the transportation. Charley

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      First my truck lost power and would only run about 5 mph. Once stopped it would not restart. We changed all 8 spark plugs and coil packs. We’ve checked both relays (fuel pump and PCM). We changed the Fuel filter. It started a couple times after all this but won’t run for more than a couple minutes.

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