Honda misfire

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    I just put a crank shaft position sensor and a new distributor but my car still misfires

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    Misfires are usually caused by something simple like a bad spark plug or spark plug wire. You feel the misfire upon acceleration more for a bad spark plug wire. I would suggest a full tune up.

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    Rolando montes

    I did a tune up I put a distributor and a crankshaft sensor and changed the spark plugs that wasn’t the issue

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    If you are sure the ignition system is good then next you need to look for a plugged fuel injector. You need to determine which cylinder is misfiring, then do a flow test on that injector. If that turns out to be OK, then now you will will need to look at basic engine mechanical issues.

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    The engine in my 2007 Honda Accord locked up on me due to no oil. I plan on installing a used engine. I found a 2.4 liter, 4 cyclinder VIN 5th digit engine from a 2007 Honda CR-V with only 50k miles on it. Would it work in my Honda Accord, which also has a 2.4 liter, 4 cyclinder engine?

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    Honda says i may need a valve adjustment. I have a 2006 honda civic 110, 000 miles. Is it necessary?

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    Actually it is pretty important on your Honda, as well as many other foreign cars. When the engine gets up there in mileage, it is a good service to adjust the valves since there is wear between the rocker arms, cam and valve tips. This will actually make the engine run a little more efficient and prevent top engine noises and possible failure.

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    Mike Stuck

    1987 Accord manual tranny 310k miles..driving interstate yesterday when I quickly lost 5th gear..had to drive approximately 35 miles in 4th I doing any damage by always driving the car in 4th gear?

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    That depends on what the engine RPM is. If in 4th gear and the engine is revving real high, then yes, you are going to damage the engine.

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