Chevy Impala loosing coolant

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    I have a 2003 Chevy Impala am loosing coolant. Every day before work, I have to add a little coolant to the radiator. Today, my temp gauge started getting hot. I added some coolant to the overflow tank (engine was to hot to add to the radiator). after I started it, I pushed on the gas to get the coolant flowing. I had to do this a couple of times. It’s been sitting for about 2 hours now & went out to check it. When I opened the hood, looks like something sprayed all over everything.

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    If you are loosing antifreeze and you can see it spraying all over, then find the leak and fix it. Probably just a hose.

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    I removed the right front wheel on my brother inlaws Impala to check the breaks for him and noticed when I was tightening the lugs the whole engine was moving. What would cause this? I just told him to get it checked.

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    I doubt the engine was moving, you probably saw the axle moving as you turned the wheel. The only movement the engine would do, is flex a bit on the mounts which is normal.

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    Liquid is getting into the 4th cylinder of my 2007 Chevy Cobalt and causing misfires. It doesn’t smell or look like coolant or oil. If I take out the coil and spark plug, dry them and drain the liquid it works fine for a while. It seems to misfire more frequently when it rains or snows a lot, but I can’t see how any liquid could be running off the top and ending up in the cylinder. There’s been no recent damage to the car; however, the head was unnecessarily resurfaced about 5 months ago by a mechanic, but worked fine until recently. I’m hoping this isn’t a crack in the head or a bigger problem. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    There is no way any fluid could enter the cylinder other than it coming internally from the engine. It could be partly mixed coolant and oil which is why you can’t seem to tell what it is. Most likely you do have a cylinder head problem, either a crack or the head gasket has gone bad. One thing you should know, the cylinder heads on the 4 cylinder engines should NOT be resurfaced. That was probably the start of your problem, and now you’re going to have to tear down the motor to find the cause. See this link… Coolant Leak Causing misfire code P0300

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    I have a 2004 Chevy Impala 3.8, took the upper and lower manifolds off and there are 4 coolant holes around the 6 cylinders , 2 on each side the one on passenger side in the rear was plugged with what reminded me of particle board, i removed it easily, now on the manifold there is just 2 holes both on drivers side one in front and one in back, on the passenger side front there is no hole at all it looks to be aluminum. on the passenger side rear of the manifold, looks like a hole should be there but is filled with very hard junk like i dug out of the engine but it is not coming out so easily and it doesn’t look like there is a water channel there anyway. Are all these holes suppose to be open or is this junk suppose to be in there clogging holes? and how many open holes are in the manifold?


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    Clean as necessary and just replace the gaskets. Some water jackets are not used, but will get build-up with age and use. No worries…

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    Stick your screw driver in the holes. If it goes all the way through, then clean them out because they are being used.
    If it bottoms out, then do ot worry about it. Just clean it as best you can.
    Like Jake said, some passages are not used.

    I believe there are 10 bolt holes for the manifold bolts.

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    I recently purchased a 4 door , 95 Tahoe 4wd with a bad 5.7 TBI motor. I have a 454 crate motor with carburetor and would like to know if it will bolt up to the 4L60E transmission and is there a way to use this motor in the truck and what parts would i need so the pcm will shift the transmission properly?

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    That is a big undertaking. Since the the PCM uses engine data to help with the shifting, and the 454 has no sensors for the computer, you will have a check engine light on all the time and the trans will not shift correctly. Good luck trying to make this work.


    Well what if i went old school and took out the 4L60 tranny and put in a turbo 400 tranny and eliminated the computer and just wired it lie the pre 87 trucks or kept just the wiring needed to make the other electrics running but the motor and tranny would be like the pre 87 setups?


    That would probably be your best way to do it. Would rule out all the electrical problems you will have doing it the other way.


    f you did it like that, you would not have a check engine light on the dash, so you would not pass an emissions test if one is required in your area.

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    i have a 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 3.8l v6 (3800)

    I was on the freeway and looked at my dash and I noticed I was in the red (overheating) so i got off the freeway (880 east bay/Oakland, CA) and let the car cool down, added water and got the car home, now I’m having a very difficult problem to solve, the car only stays running for maybe 5 minutes at a time and I have replaced:

    1.crankshaft position sensor

    2. battery

    3. both coolant elbows

    4. the connector wire to the front knock sensor was severed causing the “check engine” light to come on, this was repaired and the “check engine” light no longer is on

    the car continues to stall and I just don’t understand what this problem can be, I checked the fuel pressure regulator and there is no fuel backed up int the line so I am assuming that is not the problem.

    any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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