Olds Intrigue Wont Start With Jump

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      2001 Intrigue won’t start. All of the electronics work when you turn the key: lights, radio, gauges, etc but it will not crank. Nothing happens when you turn the key to the ignition position. This happened a few weeks ago and I disconnected the negative terminal from the battery and left it disco’ed for about 5 min to reset the computer. After that it fired up just fine. No dice this time. I’ve gone so far as to bypass the battery completely and jump it from my jeep straight to the battery connections. I’m guessing its a computer or relay issue as all of the fuses are fine. What are the next steps for troubleshooting?

      REPLY: Is the theft or security light on after it wont start and the key is released? Have your checked for power at the purple wire on the starter while turning the key to CRANK ?

      Question: Where is the VENT solenoid on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

      REPLY: The vent solenoid for your Intrigue is located behind the left rear wheel, up inside/behind the wheelhouse. You may have to remove the inner splash shield to access it. The solenoid will be connected to a large hose, and have one electrical connector. It looks almost like a black square, about 3 inches by 3 inches and about an inch thick. Not bad to change at all.

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