GMC Safari Fuel pump vibrating loudly

I have a 1996 GMC Safari i changed fuel pump in the tank it worked fine for about 10 miles then it just died while going 30 mph and a loud vibrating sound came from the tank and car wouldn’t start. Everytime i turned the key forward that same loud vibrating sound happens.

So i thought it was a bad pump so i replaced it again and the same thing happened but this time i made it home and when i went out the next morning i tried to start it and the same loud vibrating from the gas tank. Not sure what to do next before i try to change the pump yet again.

Answer: It is possible that the fuel pump is the problem. If you are getting the same cheap part from the same manufacturer it could be a bad batch of pumps.

Make sure you put the rubber block back in the pump. It sits on top of the pump between it and the sending unit pipe.

You also could have the fuel feed pipe or hose pinched between the top of the tank and the underbody. That would cause a noise and cause your truck to stop running because it is starving for fuel.

You could try and loosen the tank straps to see if the noise changes. You can even drive it like that to see if the dying out also stops.

Also, make sure the pump is not the wrong one and is too tall and smashed into the bottom of the tank. This would give both your problems.

Fuel Pump Noise

Hey guys, when turn on the key i get a loud noise from the fuel pump, what is it. Truck also has green caps on tires, what is it, air or something else, thanks.

ANSWER: A noisy fuel pump usually means it is going bad. Green caps on the valve stems of the wheels usually mean there is Nitrogen in the tires instead of regular compressed air.