G6 Static fm radio reception

I have a 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP. When I try to listen to a fm radio station such as 103.7, 96.1, or 92.5 I can barely hear what is on those stations. In order to hear anything, I have to go to the stations directly above them such as 103.9, 96.5, and 92.8.

When I go to these stations, they are very static and cut out a lot. What is causing this and what can I do to fix it?

ANSWER: Compare this problem with another vehicle to make sure you are not just in a bad FM reception area. There are certain areas that are far from a radio station antenna can cause this reception problem.

Look closely at the rear defroster grid lines in the back glass. This also is the radio antenna. If there is damage to any of the very small grid lines in the rear glass, this will cause radio reception problems. Try turning the rear defroster on and off while listening to the radio to see if the reception changes- either better or worse. If it does, then you have a problem there.

If you have a factory radio, i can say i have never had this exact problem before caused by the radio itself. If another vehicle does not do the same thing and the read grid lines look OK, then it sounds like the tuner in the radio is not properly calibrated. This has been seen in aftermarket radios bought at, say, Bestbuy or other electronic retailers.

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