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P1682 on 2002 jeep liberty rpms die out at stop occasionally.

Mechanic: That code is a problem in the electronic throttle system. Possible a throttle position sensor or accelerator position sensor.

Need to have a computer programmed how much do u think it will cost?

Mechanic: That depends on a few things. What make, model and year vehicle, will this be programmed at the dealer, at a local shop, etc. If you are just bringing in the computer and a shop has a way to do that without it being in the car, then expect to pay about 1 hour labor.

yes thank you, i have a dodge 1990 pickup, not getting spark to pass side eng, but will run.

Mechanic: Hmm. Thats odd to only have spark on one side.Did you remove the distributor cap and check the terminals. Maybe half of them are corroded.

yes i clean them and replace module and still back fires.

How did you determine you gave no spark on one side of engine?

We took all 3 wires off and theyre was no change in the engine rpm, but we also checked the spark and the passenger side of the engine only sparks while youre cranking the engine, but once it starts up the spark goes away.

Very strange. Removing the spark plug wire and no RPM change could be a mechanical problem in the engine. But you sure spark goes away. Make sure plug wire end is near a metal surface so the spark can jump and you can see it. If your sure no spark, then you could have a weak ignition coil, or all 3 of those plug wires are bad.

Is there a fuse to keep the passenger side from sparking? or does the computer tell it when to spark? i also changed the spark plugs and wires.

wow. Does not make any sense. I would check compression on the cylinders of that side of engine.

2015 Chevrolet Malibu where is emergency fuel shut off switch located?

Mechanic: There is no fuel shut off on this vehicle or any Chevy or any GM vehicle in fact. You are referring to a system some Ford vehicles used to have.

hi i have a 2001 ford focus se wagon, it a dohc. i am having trouble getting the key out of the ignition. a auto locksmith did a new key to factory specs, and also replaced the ignition cylinder. still no luck, so somebody told me maybe it was the neutral safety switch. well i replaced it, and now it wont crank over or release the key. the gears shift fine still, just wont crank over. what do i do?

Mechanic: If the key and ignition cylinder did not fix your problem, then it sounds like the transmission is not completely in park, the shifter cable is out of adjustment, or the solenoid to release the key has failed.

No start after head work was done I had disconnected negative cable placed back on turn on ignition car turns over but no fire the car is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT.

Mechanic: What kind of cylinder head work was done? Did you do the work?

Yes I had to rockers it stripped out from their post and replaced with them with Helicoil. 3.4L 3400.

Did you check for bent pushrods? Do you know if you have spark and fuel pressure? You did NOT remove the head- correct?

No removal of the head garage workbench and went back together properly I just connected the negative cable to clear the codes on module and I’m no longer able to start vehicle yes there is fuel pressure. Car before was working properly except for the rocker arms no problems with startup.

Hmm. Maybe you just left something unplugged. Was it the rear head?

No the front head 2 4 6 cylinders 2 was fixed and double and triple checked all connections and hoses?

OK. Then you need to find out if you are missing spark or injector pulse.

Yes I will do so and I also have a scan tool so I can read the codes and reset it if necessary I thank you for your time and your input thank you.

So I just replaced the starter a month ago but my car has a clicking noise now and won’t start unless jumped. Had the battery and alternator checked both are good so trying to figure out the problem.

Mechanic: If you are 100% absolutely sure the battery is good, make sure to check the cables for looseness. If that is fine, then sounds like the starter went bad. If it was a cheaper non-factory starter, then this is not uncommon.

I have a 2002 Ford Mustang GT that has been idling rough and surging while the engine is cold. I have changed out the 02 sensors, the Maf sensor, and I cleaned the idle Air control valve-any other suggestions ?

Mechanic: Check for a vacuum leak. That would really effect idle. Also, if it only happens when the engine is cold, be sure to check for a vacuum leak at the intake manifold. Those gaskets tend to shrink when cold, then expand when warm and seal up- so no more problem.

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56 responses on “Ask A Live Mechanic- Chat Page 2

  1. mike

    2006 Dodge Magnum sxt
    Car will not start or crank. I put key in
    ingnition, all lights come on but after 10 seconds
    console light go away and won’t come back until
    you wait for a bit. Checked fuses and swapped
    relays, no effect. Swapped the computer system
    out to test. No effect. Battery is good. Starter will
    crank if I jump the relay. Won’t even stay on long
    enough to run a scanner. Everything electric works.
    Locks, windows, radio, etc.

  2. Julia

    My 2002 Ford Focus will not start, it tries but wont. i just replaced the cylinder head because it dropped a valve seed. didn’t seem to do any damage to anything else. it seems like it is locking up when it tries to start. I dont understand what else i should check or what else could be the problem.

  3. purelogic

    My question is a bit different, what would you do with the following. 2001 Dakota, extended cab, under 100 thousand, fairly mint condition with a v8 auto. Near new tires and very nice stock aluminum wheels.
    Red original (?) paint, doesn’t seem to have had any body work. There is 1 small hole by the arm rest otherwise the interior is perfect. The problem, there is a rusted A arm bracket that was welded on from the factory. The part can’t be bought except at the recyclers. The A arm is bolted on it and also the shock. The bracket is about 5″ high and 10″ long. Would you part it, fix it, or sell it as is? The truck is a hobby and not a financial drain. I can go cut the parts off but can’t do the welding.

  4. Alfred Dial

    HI.. I have a early 1995 jeep Cherokee. The truck will cut off in the middle of driving for no obvious reason. Then most of the time it will crank right back up, and run for a while then out of nowhere it will die again. I think its a fuel problem. or a firing problem. So I put in a new fuel pump and coil. still have same problem. by the way when the engine is running. it hits on al 6 cylinders (inline flat 6 4.0) and idles smooth and steady. any ideas of what else could cause such a problem?

  5. Rob

    I have a 93 mercury cougar xr7 5.0L V8 having problems starting I replaced idle control valve/throttle body bypass valve/Fuel filter/temperature sensor/Ignition module/coil pack I checked fuel pressure it’s fine crank sensor is fine just keeps turning over

  6. Lamise

    So it snowed where I live and the next day when i cleaned my car off my check engine light came up and i check my oil levels and it was literally empty. Today smoke started coming out of my hood but only a little

  7. Melvin Kennedy

    what can cause the oil filter of a toyota corolla 2009model to squeeze three consecutive times and cause the engine to make a cranking sound? my mechanic removed the oil filter and the sound stopped and the oil sign on the dashboard stopped but is it safe to drive without an oil filter?

  8. Philip

    After leaving the job site today all of the dash lights and the radio quit, everything else was working like the lights and wipers, I stopped the truck for a while and then tried to start the engine and nothing happened, battery is strong and lights are still working, I’m thinking it’s the brain, 2009 gmc Sierra

    1. butchkaz Post author

      Does not sound like a computer problem. The computer does not control the dash or the radio. Check all of your fuses. Check for a loose wire on thge back of the passenger side cylinder head.

  9. Momo

    My car throws alot of smoke from its exhaust never happened before but when I put it in gear and give it acceleration it just makes clouds and clouds of smoke from its exhaust and it doesn’t go over 20 km it was driving fine when I was driving it and it just happened out of no where

    1. butchkaz Post author

      If it is black smoke the the engine is burning too much gas or burning oil. If the smoke is white, tehn the engine is burning coolant.

  10. ShiAnna

    My 2001 Pontiac grand am won’t start. New fuel pump, fuel injectors are fine, full gas tank, it cranks but won’t start. When you open the oil cap it lets out smoke. Am I out of oil and that’s why it’s not starting??

  11. George

    Hi , I have a Chrysler 300 v6 2012
    I took my car for oil change tow weeks ago and today the car is asking me for oil change due,
    What’s wrong??

  12. Doug Knotts

    I have a 2011 Chevy equinox, Chevy garage said I need a new Yaw Rate sensor. I bought one but I can’t find where it’s located on the car.

  13. Anonymous

    Hello,i would like some advise on my 94 lancer 4g92.The car had a head gasket problem before but that got fixed.So the distributor on the car keeps failing,i’ve been through 2 distributor in the space of two months.I’m thinking that the problem may be worn spark plugs since i haven’t changed them for a while making the distributor work harder and causing it to go bad.
    Any advise?
    Thank you

  14. Mo

    i have a 04 mazda b2300 pickup, i crossed the terminal during a jump start and must have damaged few things. Car wont start, changed battery, ign coil, plus and cables and 4 wires where the plastic coatings were melted (per my mechanic).. chk light went off for 4 days but now i have the light on again and plug 1 and 3 is misfiring. changed ign coil again .. light still on… what might have gone wrong?

  15. Marcel Tabone

    Hi, I am having trouble replacing the alternator/compressor/ pwr steering… belt on a Kia 2008 Sortage CRDI 2.0 ltr diesel engine because I cannot locate the tension adjuster to allow the belt to go on and then in reverse of course tighten it

    1. butchkaz Post author

      You may have left a wire off or burned out a fusible link. There are usually 1 or more wires attached to the starter to power other circuits.

  16. Pok

    Having huge problems accelerating. Afte going thru gear 1 and upshifting to gear 2 the car just stays there and does not go faster, at about 20-30 km/h. Flooring does not help, the car refuses to accelerate.

    Been to dealer, replaced air filters and spark plugs. Car was ok for a couple of days but today the problems returned.


    My car has 200000 miles.
    My car has an automatic transmission
    Mazda3 2006

    1. butchkaz Post author

      If the engine RPM’s will not go up when pressing the accelerator to the floor, then you may have a plugged catalytic converter.

  17. Toni

    I have a2008 Nissan Rogue it has a symbol of a Red car with a key in it it keeps flashing on the dash board whay does that meen.

    1. John Post author

      That means there is a problem with the theft / security system. Get that check out as soon as you can or the eventually the vehicle will not start.

  18. PMakache

    I have a corolla 4zz engine. It damaged the engine block then I asked the mechanic to replace it. Then there was a water leakage between the cylinder head and the block but the casket was new. I felt that he does not know he is just pretending to be a mechanic, I took my car home. after some while I decided to drive the car to another mechanic when I put the car on there was no battery light but it started. I drive the car but on the my way about 5km engine turned off. There was no engine sign on the dashboard. The car couldn’t start, not even a sound of cranking. I checked the fuse and the relays there was current passing. Now what could be the problem.

  19. Percy

    I have a 2015 Dodge grand caravan sxt. I put diesel fuel by accident and my car stop after 15min. What should I do and how much is going to cost to fix it.

    1. John Post author

      This can be an expensive fix. You will need to have the fuel tank drained, fuel injectors cleaned, spark plugs replaced and the whole fuel system flushed and cleaned. The fuel injectors may have been damaged to where a cleaning wont help, so then they would need to be replaced.

  20. Dennis

    1996 Gmc Jimmy SLE 4×4…..I was driving the vehicle and out of the blue my brake warning light came on in the dash, no ABS light is on as i do have ABS to just confirm this. The brake pedal became a little spongy and went down further, but not all the way to the floor and there was no sign of fluid anywhere with the master cylinder still full with no less fluid in it… and i still do have some brakes, just not as good. What has been done up to this point…..#1. All brake lines have been replaced. I did come across a line in the back that had a little dampness around it, but again, i have never added fluid to the master cylinder, but the line / lines were getting pretty brittle…..#2. Up to this point the problem is that im unable to get fluid to the back brakes for bleeding purposes. I have made sure that the centering valve has been reset and fine, so i guess what my question is with how this has all taken place, especially with how this all started, which i thought was odd, would i still need a scan tool to get fluid back to the rear to get them bled on a 1996 vehicle? I have done alot of research on the internet and it seems like some people say yes and some people say no because of the age of the vehicle, so im a little confused at this point. Thank-you for your time.

    1. butchkaz Post author

      Sounds like the original problem is the master cylinder went bad. That could also explain the fact that you cannot get pressure to the rears.

    1. butchkaz Post author

      That depends on which speed sensor you are talking about. An ABS speed sensor is located at every wheel. The vehicle speed sensor- for the speedometer is located on the transmission.

  21. william Baumgardner

    I have a 2000 Honda odssey it’s rough idling even after spark plugs change and engine coil fuel injector change and this is going on after timing belt change so what could be the problem

    1. Bob Post author

      If the problem on your Honda happened right after the timing belt change, then either the belt was installed incorrectly. It is possible that is is off by one tooth. If not that, then your car has a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak will cause a rough idle but not effect the way it runs at other RPM’s.

    1. Harry Post author

      Most likely a bad shift solenoid. Have the computer scanned for codes. If there is not a code for the transmission stored, then there is a mechanical problem in the trans,

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