2000 Chevy Impala Transmission Problems

2000 Chevy impala 143,000 miles. I had a new transmission put in 13 months ago. Lately I noticed the slipping again and swooshing noises like liquid moving. Happens more when engine is hot (after 25-50 miles of driving) For two weeks now the engine light has been going off and on. Today I took it to a dealer and they put the computer on to check the engine light. They are saying I have a catalytic converter problems and that is why the engine is not responding. Also they said something about my cooling fan, not sure and my crank shaft alignment needs correcting. They want $2,200.00. Are they bullshitting trying to cover up for the warranty on the transmission? Should I invest that much money in a car that I keep having trouble with? Please help with.

Protech :
I’d say you have a couple different issues going on….
First, the water swooshing noise is more than likely coolant going through your heater core. If there is air in the cooling system, or another problem, you will hear what sounds like water movement through the hoses. If the cooling fan is to blame, you could be running a bit hotter than normal which can cause a situation like that.

Second, if the catalytic converter is bad, that can cause the engine to run poorly, and not want to accelerate, which often times is mistaken for a transmission problem. Not sure what they mean by a crankshaft alignment, unless you have a bad harmonic balancer or something of that nature. At the very least, I would say you should get the cooling fan and catalytic converter problems taken care of. If you like the car, and it is in good shape, those are items that are worth repairing.

Does $1200.00 to have the catalytic converter put seem a bit high?

That does seem a bit high, even with GM replacement parts! The converter at most is probably $700. And a couple hours labor to install it at what ever their labor rate is, probably not more than another couple hundred.

If I do this, would you recommend i get a 150,000 tune while at it.

If you did a tune up at 100,000 miles, the only thing you really need to check and/or change would be the coolant.

Hey ProTech, thanks for your help. Now I have to decide if I invest in the repairs or just move on and buy a certified used car. Thank a lot !. I am going over to Donate right now, this is the best advice website I have every visited. A Tip is on the way…

Buick Regal Transmission Solenoid

I need to no the location of transmission lockup solenoid on a 2000 Buick Regal with 3800 engine.

The solenoid is located in the transmission valve body, behind the side cover.

I thank you I just wanted to be sure the car does not want to come out of lockup it stalls when you come to a stop. Any other things i should be looking for our am I on the right track.

More than likely it is the solenoid, but worst case scenario you have a bad torque converter.

ok I thank you. Have a great day.