Location of Coolant Bypass on Chevrolet Impala 3800

Were is the bypass hose on a 3800 V6.

Are you referring to the coolant bypass hose?


The 3800 does not really have a bypass hose. It is a small plastic 90 degree elbow. It is located in the upper intake manifold on the front of the engine.

I was thinking that because i just replaced upper and lower but the parts store said i would need this.

Correction, it is in the lower intake manifold. What year car?

2001 Chevy Impala

Then if you replaced the lower intake gaskets, then you know the elbow I described. Parts stores usually try to sell that because many times that part will break during removal.

Upper and lower on the belt tension not the intake. I did not even see this rubber hose.

I am a little confused. Did you replace the intake gaskets, or these 2 elbows?

2 elbows.

Oh. OK. Then you are good to go. Anything else?

So there is no bypass hose or heater hose that’s about 10 inches

The only hoses are the ones that go from the rear of the tensionser to the heater core.

I have looked on several site and all i see is the plastic elbows OK thanks.

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

How do I loosen the serpentine belt on a 3.8 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

There is a belt tensioner located near the alternator, a smaller pulley with a 15mm bolt on it. Use a wrench or tensioner tool to loosen it enough to get the belt off.

I have a 2004 3.8L Chevy Monte Carlo the check engine lite code is P-0128 I know this has to do with the coolant system. Initially the coolant was old and I changed it but the thermostat on the dash does not get over 160-170 and the heater is warm but not greater I am debating whether it is the coolant monitoring system or the actual thermostat..which do you most likely thank it is.

Yes, it has to do with the cooling system temperatures. The car isn’t getting hot enough due to a bad thermostat. They will usually stick open and cause this code to set. Replacing the thermostat will take care of your problem.

Thank you Protech for the info thought that was the problem but appreciate the confirmation.

No problem. Glad to help out!