Chevrolet Impala Won’t Start Unless It Sits For A While

Chevrolet Impala Picture

Chevy Impala 2003. I turned my car off to go in a store. When I returned it didn’t start. A at home mechanic told me let it sit for two hours and it will start. I let it said and then it started. He stated something about dirt in carburetor, fuel pump, and hoses.

Do you have any suggestions and can you be real specific. Thanks.

First of all, your vehicle does NOT have a carburetor, it has fuel injection. Dirt in the system would not go away after two hours of sitting, so that is NOT the problem you are having with your car.

You could have a fuel pressure problem which could be a faulty fuel pump, or even a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Also, there could be a security problem that could include a bad ignition cylinder, switch or body control module. Something like this really needs to be diagnosed at your local GM new car dealer or repair shop. Ignition switch causing car to not start or electricla problems.

More the check engine light is on and the computer has stored some trouble codes which would help in diagnosing the problem.

2007 Impala Not Starting

I have a 2007 Chevy impala and for the last month or so it has been not starting on the first attempt.I sounds like it wants to start but doesn’t and when I go to try it again it starts with no problem. Any ideas on what it might be??

A number of things can contribute to the vehicle not starting on the first try. Without some actual diagnosis on the car, these are all just recommendations of things you can check. Anything from a dirty air filter, bad gas, security problem, starter issue, ignition issue, computer problem, wiring problem and the like can contribute to this problem.

If you happen to notice the check engine light on the dash of your Chevy, a scan of the computer codes will help in finding the problem as a trouble code would have set which can help a technician find the exact issue.

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