1998 Dodge Durango Power Locks and Horns Don’t Work

1998 Dodge Durango. Driver side power door lock won’t lock electronically. I have replaced the power door lock and it still does the same thing. When I test the connection, I have (I forget exactly) 1.x current when I unlock, but only half that amount (or less) when I lock. Not sure where to look from here…

When you say you replaced the power door lock, which part do you mean exactly?

The power door lock mechanism inside the door where the wiring harness connects to. Where is the switch, and how would I test it?

OK so that’s the door lock actuator you replaced, which is usually the part that goes bad. You could have a switch problem or the wiring in the door, or door pass-through could be chaffed or partially broken.

It’s the switch you press to lock and unlock the doors. Test with a voltmeter or test light.

The rest of the locks work fine from the door lock switch.

That doesn’t mean that it is good. I would concentrate on the door wiring inside the rubber boot between the door jam and the body.

Thanks Protech!
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I have a 2001 Dodge Durango my horn quit and airbag light came on what do you recommend.

Well I would assume you have a problem with the airbag that is in the steering wheel. Since the horn quit as well, that is usually a telltale sign that something is wrong. The horn contacts are part of the airbag assembly. There is also what is called an SIR coil behind the steering wheel…it could be bad as well, broken or shorted out.