1995 honda civic lx hesitation

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    I have a 1995 honda civic lx and it idle fine but when u press the gas going under 20 mph it hesitate.

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    Jimmy t

    A hesitation is usually caused by an engine misfire. This is normally caused by and ignition problem. Spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap or rotor, ignition module. I would start with a full tune up.

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    Yes im having trouble with my car and it turns over but wont start and i need help.

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    You will need to find out if the engine has spark and fuel injector pulse signal. Then we can help diagnose the system that is having the problem.

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    Mistakenly i put brake fluid in the power steering what do i do?

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    That is not a real problem. The real problem is if you did it the other way around- steering fluid in the brake system. Any other fluid in the brake system can cause parts failures. Read more about that here… https://www.cartruckinfo.com/brake-fluid-contamination.html
    As for your condition, just have a power steering fluid flush service performed and you wont have anything to worry about.

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    I am trying to replace the hood latch and cable the best way possable to do this…on the same car the speedo works once in awhile I am told that it is a small part on the tranny … if so can you give me a clue … thanks

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    Scribe marks around the bolts that hold on the hood latch so when you put the new one on, it is aligned properly. Tie a long wire to the old cable and pull it through. Then tie wire onto new cable and pull it back into place. For the speedo, it may need a new gear o the side of the trans. or it may just be a loose wire on the sensor.

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    How much roughly would it be to replace a 100 amp fuse board and battery in a Honda jazz? Thanks

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    how long does it take for carbon to build up in the engine before the engine stalls

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