Pontiac Bonneville 3800 cranks over wont start

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    2001 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 cranks over will not start . I have spark at all plugs, fuel pressure is over 50 at first ,stays at 48 after ignition is off. Noid light shows flash at injector. It was driven over an hour then wasn’t started for 3 days , would not start after that , even with starting fluid.

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    Do you have spark on all plugs / coils? Does the noid light flash continuously when cranking? Was gas added just before it stopped running?

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      Thanks for the response,yes I have spark at all plugs, yes noid light flashes while cranking. Gas was added at the normal station before it was driven over an hour to get here. I did notice a backfire after starting fluid. Could it have a timing issue ?

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        Timing chain problem very rare on the 3800 unless you have a lot of miles on it. Can’t even remember the last time i did one. Since you have everything the engine needs to run, you may have gotten some bad gas. Maybe the intake plenum is leaking coolant. That is very common. See if coolant is low or in the oil. Pull the plugs and look for them being fouled with milkshake from oil and coolant. See if any are fuel fouled. Could have a few stuck open injectors causing it to be flooded or even a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Check these basic things before starting to look at an engine mechanical problems.

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    Alicia Harrod

    I have a similar issue, car will start then chug out , other times it will just click. Ran perfect all week, added gas and she chugged out on me after driving maybe half hr. Waited 45 minutes opened gas cap stuck a funnel in let it get air flow,she started right up git her hone didn’t do nothing for the rest of the day, went to move her and didn’t want to start the first couple times, started, chugged out, started again and was fine. Started her this morning 5 times no prob. Was told could be alternator. Battery tested 14 volts. Was also told could have water in tank, I do have a very cracked gas cap.

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    How do you install a cam sensor magnet?

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    I’m not talking about the sensor itself, it’s the magnet inside the timing chain cover that the sensor gets the signal from.

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    getting a po341 code crankshaft sensor check engine light on and i also have to let up on the gas for the car to shift gears would this sensor cause the shifting problems to?

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    Usually, the CRANK sensor and trouble code associated with it will not cause transmission/shifting problems. I would, however, replace the crankshaft position sensor on your vehicle before attempting any trans work, you just never know.

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    Remove the necessary components to then remove the timing cover. Some models aren’t replaceable, and you have to install a new camshaft. I’ve actually never had to do this in all my years working on cars. Are you sure that is your problem?

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