Air on passenger side,heat on driver side

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    Rick Ellis

    1997 lesabre Air on passenger side (floor and windshield),heat on driver side (Floor). No air on driver side floor,Air on driver side of windshield.No air flow at all thru dash board vents. No control of air flow from Climate control

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    need to replace rear coil springs on a 2002 Buick rendezvous and I am looking for a video or instructions on how to do it.

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    While we have no video of the repair, it is actually not that bad of a job. Depending if you have a solid rear axle, or independent suspension will make a difference in the repair. If you can get the vehicle in the air, that will help greatly. If you do have a one-piece rear axle, you can easily remove the bolts and with a jack underneath the axle you can slowly lower the axle assembly and replace the coil springs. Be careful of brake lines and wiring. If you have independent rear suspension with separate control arms, that is a bit more involved of a repair. You’ll need to support each side as you do it with a jack. The control arm bolts and ball joint have to come apart to lower the arm enough to replace the spring.

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    I own a 2000 Buick Century with a two dial system for the vent/Aircon. The blower motor fan won’t shut off when turned to “off” position. Problem first arose when I had the A/C on and the mode dial on VENT. – it’s HOT in Florida – the system simply started blowing faster as if I had turned the mode dial to MAX. What could be the problem….its draining the battery when the car is turned off.

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    The problem you are having sounds like a common problem of a burned out blower motor resistor or control module. These are two names for the same part, depending on your system. When they fail, they short out internally and cause the blower fan to stay on all the time, only work on a few different speeds, or stop working all together.

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    I need to know exactly where the a/c condensate drain tube is on a 95 century 3.1L.

    I cannot reach it from the engine bay. I think it might be clogged a little.

    The evaporator housing leaks water from somewhere, and the a/c begins to freeze up in extremely humid weather although it cools pretty well.

    RE: The drain is located on the firewall, on the passenger side of the car, a little more than mid way down. You can access it best by raising the car in the air. There is a rubber elbow attached to the drain that directs the water downward. You can remove the elbow and clean it out as well as the drain hole.

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