Chevy equinox traction control light and service engine

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    2005 Chevy Equinox the three lights are on together. TC, SERVICE ENGINEm AND ALT… the car will go in reverse but will weaken in drive and either die or i can push the accelerator all the way down and the car barely moves any advice will help im a single mom of 3 cant afford to keep guessing.

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    Would really need the exact codes that are set in each of those modules to give the best answer to your question, but you could have some serious problems with your Equinox. Could be as severe as a bad transmission, or something else like a bad wheel sensor, electrical problem or alternator. With all these lights coming on, something is causing a problem in a main area that is probably leading to other problems. This would really need to be checked out by a technician.

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    Caterina Guidi

    2011 Chevy Equinox LT 4 cyl., check engine light came on and also engine power reduced and just replaced my timing sensor and rebuild my engine with only 74,000 and the vehicle only has 95,000

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    Caterina Guidi

    want to know if that is caused by the timing sensor my vehicle been at GM since March and always in there with different problems….

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      Jimmy t

      A timing sensor causing a traction control warning? Definitely not. It could cause a check engine light, but we would need to know what code is stored in the computer.

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