Do I need a new Catalytic Converter?? Plymouth Voyager

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    1994 Plymouth Voyager

    Odometer: 216000 Kilometers

    Engine: 3L , 6 cylinder

    (engine rebuilt about 4 years ago)

    I live in Toronto, Canada where we need an emission test every 2 years.

    I did the emission test last year, and passed, but not by much. My mechanic said I would need to change my catalytic converter to pass the test next year. I can afford to change it now, but need a second opinion as to whether changing the catalytic will improve my results compared to last year. Here are the results from last year:


    ———ASM 2525 TEST====================== CURB IDLE TEST

    ————Limit—— Reading—— Result========== Limit——– Reading——– Result

    HC ppm —0054 ——0046 ———PASS=========== 0200——- 0038———– PASS

    CO % ——00.30 —–00.03——— PASS========== 01.00——–00.01———- PASS

    NO ppm—- 757——- 583———– PASS========== N/A——— N/A———— N/A

    ————-RPM ——1988 ———-VALID ==========RPM —— –0781 ———–VALID

    ————-Dilution —14,73 ———VALID ==========Dilution—– 14,21———- VALID

    Can anyone interpret these results??

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    The readings from the previous emission test are actually pretty good. Not sure why he suggested getting a catalytic converter for next time, unless he saw something strange. It could possibly be getting rusted out, or the internals are coming apart which will affect flow. Most times, at least here in the USA, a faulty catalytic converter will set a trouble code. Your vehicle being a 1994 model may not be the latest diagnostic version to do so, but a shop can usually put a ‘sniffer’ on it to tell if it’s going bad. At this point I would say not to replace it unless you have really good cause to.

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