2003 Chevy Silverado Check Engine Light and Transmission Slipping

What is the cause of reduced engine power?

What year, make and model of vehicle?

2003 Chevy Silverado 1500hd 6.0 engine.

Is the check engine light on as well?

Most times there has been a failure on a computer controlled component that has set the check engine light on, and that will usually cause the vehicle to into reduced power mode, which is basically ‘limp home’ mode like older vehicles had so as not cause any further damage. you’d really need to get the truck scanned to see what trouble code is stored, but more often than not it is a problem with the throttle body assembly and/or associated sensors.

OK. Thanks

Have a engine code P0894

 It says component in trans is slipping ..does this specify what component is failing ?

It does not signify a specific component. The computer can only tell if there is a slip condition. The transmission would have to come apart to find out exactly what the problem is.

Thank you…if the truck is driving fine with no slippage that can be felt do u recommend that i continue to drive it or seek service now?

Usually the slip code is the start of a trans failure. I personally would rather get it fixed sooner than later. It will end up costing more and more parts fail in the transmission.

Ok,,what i noticed is that my trans fluid was always red..had it flushed and replaced at 75,000 miles and the truck now has 107,000 miles..now when i check it it is more of a brownish color.

the brownish color is usually a bad sign, especially if the fluid was fresh 30k ago. I’d recommend getting it checked out. A technician with a scanner can usually take it for a drive and watch shift points and adapts to tell where the slippage is.

Is the color due to parts in the trans disintegrating?

yes…usually clutch material, etc.

Thank you very much for all of your help.

Glad to help!

1995 Chevy S10 5 speed

My clutch started squealing when it was engaged, now its as if i didn’t even have a clutch but still has pedal pressure. where do i start?

The clutch is probably worn out and needs replaced. The throw out bearing is most likely the squealing noise your heard, and that should be replaced as well when do you a clutch job.