Burning Coolant Smell On 2001 Ford F-150 After Repairs

Had a coolant leak, got it fixed by a mechanic almost a week ago . I still get steam, and odor. I took it back they checked the pressure again and it checked okay. Is it normal for this to happen this long after. The mechanic said the leak was pretty bad, and there may be coolant in the insulation for the converter, and it may do this for a while. I’m not doubting his ability, but just wanted to be safe. It seems to only do it when it is very cold. The coolant level has not dropped at all.

Mechanic JK:
What vehicle make and model please.

2001 Ford F-150 truck.

What was repaired on your truck?

They replaced the reservoir, and the metal tube and o ring on the pump. He said the asbestos insulation on the underside of the hood is probably loaded with coolant, and will take some time to burn off.

If there was a lot of coolant in the exhaust, then you will continue to smell coolant. May take a few more days. It is also possible that there is another leak. Do you smell it in the vents in the car or outside the vehicle?

Yes which is why I took it back this morning. They pressure tested it again today, and they said the pressure is fine. Before they fixed it, it was spraying everywhere.

Smell in the vents or outside the vehicle?

In vent only if I sit for a few minutes after I start to drive no smell at all. I can smell it outside the car as well. I put cardboard under it all night with no dripping. But the steam is coming from what appears to be the rear of the motor.

OK. Then there still may be some residue on the back of the engine, especially if it was spraying so badly. Try washing the engine down with water when the engine is cooled down. Then it will steam for a while as the engine gets hot, then will eventually stop.

It was a pretty bad leak. I noticed before they fixed it it was just about everywhere under the hood. Thanks I will try spraying it down.

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