2002 Pontiac Sunfire ignition

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    Can someone please help me figure out how to remove the ignition I have lost my car keys and am stuck in a parking lot I need to start the engine to take to mechanic to replace ignition what is the easiest way to do this? Remember I am a female with limited tools! lol

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    I assume you mean removing the ignition cylinder or switch so you can basically ‘hotwire’ the car. This cannot be done on your vehicle, you need a key to start the car. If you have documentation of ownership, you can go to any GM dealer and get keys made for a small charge. Otherwise, call a locksmith or have the vehicle towed to a mechanic.

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    Okay if that cannot be done can you instruct on removal of the ignition so I can replace it myself my title is at home i am on vacation in another state.

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    I really need some free advice, so please help me! I need to remove the ignition to put in a new one.

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    The only free advice I can give you is that you need to drill out the ignition housing on the column to get at the retainer holding the ignition cylinder in place. If you mess it up, you will need a whole ignition housing and cylinder which is very expensive. After you’ve got the case drilled out so you can remove the cylinder, install a new one and don’t forget to do the theft deterrent relearn procedure. Good Luck!

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    Thank you for your help! Although that doesn’t help me really, can you tell me where the key code is located on the car title so I can just get one made?

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    There is NO key code located on your title. That information isn’t for the general public like that. You have to go to your local GM dealer with the VIN, and title or other identifying information and they will get the key code for you. That’s what you should have done in the first place.

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    I am working on my son’s 01 Sunfire. When the key is turned on, the fuel pump can be heard cycling then when starting the engine fires and runs for a second or so then just dies (acting like no fuel). If you cycle the key without starting 4 or 5 times it will run for 2 or 3 seconds. I am not seeing any access points to test fuel pressure. I saw a fuel pump regulator issue on this site with a different GM engine that made me suspect maybe it could be that.


    Any thoughts?

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    fuel pressure regulator would not cause the vehicle to not start, even if it was leaking badly. I’d suspect a bad fuel pump, but a pressure test would be in order here. There is a fitting on the fuel line to test pressure. Just follow the fuel line that is going to the fuel injector rail and you will find the fitting. Pressure should be above 45psi with the key in the ‘on’ position and should hold steady. If any less or if it drops off, replace the pump.

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