Olds Alero Stalled And Wont Start

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    My 2002 Oldsmobile Alero stalled and will not restart. it seems to have fuel pressure. I have changed the ignition module and checked all the fuses. there was never a service engine soon light or a security light even though i have done the procedures to correct the security light problems. It will crank and have a weak misfire once in a great while. I have been looking for the location of the PCM so i can check the voltages and the throttle sensor but am unable to locate it. I believe it might be around the steering column area. Any assistants woud be a great help.

    REPLY: Yes, the PCM is located under the drivers side of the dash. It is an aluminum module with 2 electrical connectors. To be sure you have fuel pressure you would need to install a pressure gauge on the fuel rail tap. Also need to check for spark at a plugs and use a fuel injector test light to verify the injectors are being pulsed on.

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    At low speeds (5-25 mph) I hear a banging, clunking or knocking sound from the right rear trunk area. Just had upper strut mount/plate replaced but noise still there. By inspection of suspension, tech does not see anything loose enough to make any noises. Noise detected on smooth roads only primarily over dips in the road.

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    If you didn’t have the strut replaced along with the upper mount assembly, I would highly recommend that. The strut could be causing the noise but you wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ anything wrong with it. Internally it could have failed, and when they do, it usually makes a knocking/clunk type noise over bumps. If the tech who looked at it could not see anything else wrong or loose, you should replace the entire strut assembly.

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    i have a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero, it out of no where it lost almost all power while driving, you’d be going 70mph and have to go up a hill and you’d be going 50 by the time you got to the top. and anytime you step on the gas at all it would hear like your slipping gears, but i really don’t think its slipping. it does shift through all the gears pretty sure just takes a long time. but not actually it doens’t go faster then 35mph. and don’t know if this matters, but have put a couple fuel pumps in it already. over the last 5 months there were two times when it say for a 1.5 months once and a month long the second time. also its a hard starter, and it doesn’t happen everytime but i’d say 60 percent, then idles a little high and calms and settles down to normal. when the bogging down loss of power started, there did seem to be a very small hesitation i think when you pressed on the gas. umm just wondering what possibly it could be i have a feel ideas but wanted some more. what i’ve read and learned so far is, bad/clogged/faulty fuel pump with low pressure, possibly just low trany fluid. bad/clogged catalytic converter, maybe a misfire on a cylinder. i’ve replace the fuel pressure regulator last year. so if there’s an answer out there i wanna know it.

    Reply: Sounds like a couple different issues going on there. You could have multiple problems causing one big effect on your car. I would look at the trans fluid first, and if burnt or very low, you’ll need to get that addressed soon. Catalytic converters cause hesitation and stumbling when clogged, as will fuel injectors, fuel filters and even faulty ignition components. Start with the easy stuff first, like maybe a tune up, fuel and air filters, oil change, and go from there.

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    I found out the problem, it was a clogged catalytic converter. But now need to find out why it got clogged. I do have a leaking lower intake gasket, but since a place wants $1500 to replace a $100s part I can’t afford or bring myself to do it. So gotta find someone to do it for me on the side

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