Ford F150 Vibrates accelerating from a stop

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    Just bought a 2006 f150 extended cab w/ 5.4 V-8 and it vibrates when accelerating from a stopped position but not all the time—happens more when the wheel is turned. It definitely feels like the vibration is coming from the left front side. I just got it back from the shop and the mechanic told me the vibration was stemming from the rear and that he exchanged the fluid but that he expects the problem to continue. Any ideas?

    RE: Could just be a U-joint on your Ford. Did he check those? If it 4 wheel drive ? If it is it could be one of the front axles or the front driveshaft between the front differential and the transfer case.

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    It is a characteristic of the truck. Ford designed that model to shake like that. Ford replaced everything on that truck. So that is a characteristic of that truck and Ford made the frame too stuff.

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    Could be a normal characteristic, true, but I’d still want to exhaust all other options to make sure nothing is wrong. Check axles, balance tires, check driveshafts and u-joints, etc.

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    A spark plug blew out of my engine last week. I had it fixed, but have been reading that this is common. Does anyone know that? Will this happen again? How can i prevent it from blowing out another spark plug.

    RE: Seems to be a pretty common problem. Have read about these Ford spark plugs coming out. Sometimes it is just a matter of re-threading the hole, sometimes the engine needs a new cylinder head.

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    Had the same thing happen to my 2002 f-150 truck. what a pain in the butt, and expensive.

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    Spark plugs really are complicated but I think problems with spark plugs doesn’t only rely on the spark plugs itself. It also affects other auto parts. Once you’ve re-thread the spark plugs, you must also replace the old wires.

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    I have purchased a Ford last year from that day i have changed its whole set of spark plugs about 3 times and every time when i change them they are full of carbon layer on them. but i finally got its solution from my mechanic by just some minor fuel adjustments.

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    My Ford Pinto also had a spark plug problem but when I re-thread the whole firmly I was able to solve my problem.

    Know the problem I was experiencing about my Ford Pinto is the staggering sound in my engine. Is there problem on the engine or other auto parts are damaged?

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