IM monitors will not set

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    My IM monitors will not set on my 2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter (evap, catalyst, o2). There is no check engine light but I have noticed my fuel pump is going out. The gas gauge is stuck on empty and the truck doesnt always start up right away. Could a faulty fuel sending unit cause the IM monitors to not set?

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    Yes. The IM flag for the catalyst is the hardest to get to run and pass. The computer looks at many different things before ti will run that test.

    Also, with the EVAP and O2 flags not pass, there may be a problem in those systems- a bad o2 sensor, leak in the EVAP system, etc. With a problem in these, the catalyst will never run and pass.

    To get theses test to run, drive on the highway at a steady speed for about 10 minutes, get off the highway, come to a stop and let it idle for 2 minutes, drive again, let idle again, shut it off for 10 minutes.

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    2003 dodge stratus rt 3.0. Its coming up on the computer that 5 sensors are reading low? What could that be?

    its the idle control sensor 2 oxygen sensors and rpm and another one. When we got the car it would stall out everytime you went to make a stop. we cleaned the idle control sensor and it ran fine. but it is at a garage and the guy will not let me take the car because of that. he said it could be a ground issue or something on that lines. I know it needs fixed so can you help.

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    I’d need the exact codes to give you more information, but yes, a ground problem can affect many sensors as once. You could have a wiring problem, or a short, or loose connection somewhere. Even a bad computer can cause problems like this. Your mechanic should be able to locate the problem if they have a scanner and can look at live data while the car is running.

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    Yes, this could be a ground problem. Or it can also be a voltage feed problem. The computer sends voltage to many different sensors, and then reads the return voltage to calculate a reading. If several sensors showing this problem, you either have a wiring problem that is common with them, or the computer is not sending the proper voltage.

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    When my check engine light came on and stayed on, I was getting these codes on my 1999 Chrysler Cirrus: P0301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306. So the tech at a local tire store suggested a full tune up, since I have 160,000 miles on the car with no prior tune ups. The tune up included new wires, coils, plugs, clean the injectors, cam sensor,etc. ( by the way, just before the tuneup, I had a new fuel pump installed, TWICE, the first one was faulty ) The ‘check engine light’ went out for one day, after the tuneup, but has come back on since, and remains on. Any suggestions?

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    Well, with those codes, you are experiencing misfires on all cylinders. This would usually indicate a singular problem that is common to all the cylinders. Since you have had a tune up, etc, I will assume all that is functioning correctly. Cleaning the injectors may be what fixed your problem for a day. You could have gotten some bad gasoline or other contaminants that may be affecting the injectors. You might want to take a fuel sample to check quality. If you can, maybe try cleaning the injectors again and see if the problem goes away, even if for a short time and then you would know that the problem lies there. Replacing all of the fuel injectors may be necessary. Also check ignition module for faults.

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    Hello! I own a 2000 Dodge Stratus. Last week I noticed that when I accelerated and decelerated at low speeds my car would “jolt”. The feeling reminds me of when my old car would stall and my boyfriend describes the feeling as if it is slipping a gear. It only “jolts” at low speeds (normally around 20 mph) for the first few minutes of the drive. My “check engine” light is also on. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    Well, a first suggestion would be to at least get the car scanned to see what trouble code is causing the check engine light to come on. More than likely, it’s probably the cause of your ‘jolting’. Other than that, things that can cause your problem can be transmission related, engine misfires, or wiring issues.

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