Toyota Corolla Runs Bad When start it cold

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    My Toyota Corolla is running bad but not all the time. When I start it cold, engine runs great. When it warms up, there is a bad hesitation when i hit the gas. It goes away after a while of driving on the highway, but them comes back after driving around town. If my Toyota Corolla sits for like 10 minutes and try to start again, it is had to start. Just keeps cranking and cranking. Tested the ignition coils and replaced the spark plugs. going to change out the fuel filter next. Any other ideas of what the problem on my Toyota is anyone. HELP. Have read on other auto forums is could be the modulator. Does that sound like it is my problem. If it is I can buy it and replace it myself.

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    Changing the fuel filter would be a good idea, but does not sound like your problem. The ignition module does sound like the problem on your Toyota. We would need to know what year and engine size in your Corolla to give you an idea of how to replace it. Different years and engine sizes are in different locations.

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    I had a similar problem with my Toyota. It was a problem with the ignition. The mechanic repaired my car in about a few hours and did not cost much in labor. My Toyota runs and starts great now.

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