GMC Canyon Code P0116 Temperature Sensor And P0102 MAF

2006 GMC Canyon. When you push on the gas to take off it hesitates, while I am driving you can feel the engine hesitating, and when I slow down to stop it hesitates and the RPMs jerk and it stalls but if a pump the gas a little when it hesitates while I am stopping I can keep it from stalling. When I coded it I got a P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Range/Performance and I cleared the code and the code has not came back up.

From everything I have looked up on the Internet about this problem it says that the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is going out or is out and it would make my Truck do the hesitation and stalling.

Is this true and should I change the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor? What are your guys suggestions? Or is this the wrong thing making my Truck hesitate and stall? What should I do to fix this problem?

While I coded my truck it also had the code P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Circuit Low Input. I replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor and cleared the code. While I am driving after I cleared the code the Engine warning light don’t come on at all while I am driving it but when I turn off my Truck after I have been driving it and restart it the P0102 code comes back on. What is wrong? I changed the Mass Air Flow Sensor with a brand new one so what else should I do to fix this code?

I really need your guys help fixing these problems please!!! I don’t know what else to do here and don’t want to or have the money to take my truck to the shop. So PLEASE HELP!!!!

The coolant temp code should not make your GMC hesitate when driving or slowing down. Yes, it does effect fuel delivery- rick or lean, but would not cause that driving problem. The Mass airflow sensor code is most likely causing that.

Since the MAF sensor did not fix your truck, then you might just have a wiring problem. Pull on each of the wires at the sensor connector to see if one will stretch. If one or more does, that is you problem. The colored insulation stretching means that the copper core is broken.

You could also have the throttle full of carbon. That would explain the hesitating at idle and stalling, but not the problems when driving and accelerating. I think the MAF code is all your problem. But i would also change the temp sensor, that is a pretty common part to fail.