Ponitac Grand Am Theft Warning Light And Won’t Start

My 1996 Pontiac theft system light is on. i start car then it turns off with the theft light on. The I restart the car the light goes off and everything is fine but i don’t want to be stranded. i have searched and many post say cut a yellow wire?

Yes, i have read about disabling the theft by cutting a yellow wire, but this only works IF the ignition key cylinder- know as the passlock sensor is bad. You would need to remove part of the dash to access these wires. I personally have never done this fix, so not sure if it works or not.

What model Pontiac is it?

Pontiac Grand AM 1996. A year ago I had the problem. The car wouldn’t start. I spent $700 dollars at the dealer ship.

What did they replace?  sad to say i don’t remember. i cant even find that repair bill.

Well, if the same part failed again, and it was less than 1 year, it would still be under warranty. You can always call the dealer with your last name and they can look it up for you.

True, but I do remember when they said the car was ready i paid them and went to start the car it wouldn’t start at the dealership. they did whatever and it started. also they mentioned if more problem came it it would be something else and i don’t want to shell out more cash the car rides good but it is older but i will find out what work was done by calling them.

OK. When it did not start after the repairs, you should have walked right back in. So what ever parts they replaced lasted this long, they may be able to offer some assistance on the repair needed now.

Yeah i was gonna call them they are not open yet so I thought I would just search around to find something i could  do my self. thanks for your time.

I’m on the site you gave and wondering could it also be my key that triggers that theft system?

No, the key itself would not be the problem.