How To Reset Pontiac Grand Am Security Light

I have a 2004 Pontiac grand am and my security light stays on how can i turn it off it does not have a reset button.

You cannot just turn it off unless the problem is fixed. The security light is on because you have a problem with your Passlock theft system. There are temporary fixes, like doing a re-learn of the theft deterrent, but the problem will come back. Most likely, you need a new ignition cylinder. Those are what usually go bad on the Grand Prix cars.

I mean it is a Grand Am. well we try to turn on the car and it doesnt make any noises. But the lights and the radio turn on. .and we already put a new starter on it. What does that mean.

So it doesn’t start at all, correct?


The theft deterrent is disabling the starting of the vehicle because you have a problem with it.

Your vehicle has what’s called ‘Passlock’. There is a sensor inside the ignition cylinder that has an electronic password.

And i had read that if it is the ignition then the lights would not turn off.

When you turn the key, the password is sent to the body control module and if it matches, the car will start…if it doesn’t, it won’t start. .I’m betting you need a new ignition cylinder, and your problems will be solved.

So does it just do that all of a sudden?


OK so what do i have to do?

Are you capable to do a job like this yourself?

Yes. How would we know if it is the cylinder?

You need to remove the dash trim to access the ignition cylinder and Passlock housing. Remove the cylinder from the ignition switch and replace with a new cylinder and Passlock housing….after replacement you will need to do a theft re-learn. To know exactly, you’d need a proper scanner to access the body control module and check for theft system codes.

What website can i go to if i need to speak to someone again.

Ok. Thank you. would we be able to do it our self or would we have to take it to a mechanic.

If you’re mechanically inclined, it is a job that you should be able to do.

2007 Pontiac G6

Good eve..i have a question about the Pontiac g6 2.4l many liters of engine oil to put the engine?

Just a second and I will get the exact amount for you… The amount of oil you want to put in the engine is 4.8 liters or 5 quarts. That is straight from General Motors.

Thank you very much.

Not a problem, thank you and have a good night!

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