1999 Chevy Malibu Low Coolant Light Flickering

I had just put in a brand new radiator on my 1999 Malibu, and the coolant low light will not turn off, the coolant should be full up, but the light doesn’t turn off and the car stays at a even temperature just a hair above the mid point.

Mechanic JK:
OK. I think i know what the problem is. First, are you sure the coolant level is full in that jug coolant jug?

In the reservoir? I’ve watched the level over the past couple hours of driving and idling.

Yes the reservoir. Also known as the surge tank. Is the coolant at least half way full?

Yes, it stays at its cold fill at below running temperature and i haven’t seen a leak at running temperature or up to 3k rpm.

OK. Then it sounds like the level sensor is stuck. Has nothing to do with engine coolant temperature. Have seen this many times after coolant has been drained. The sensor is located in the bottom of the reservoir with an electrical connector.

The only reason I’m really worried about it is of past experience with my 82 Datsun, the other thing that’s got me, is that the intake and outtake for the radiator to the engine hold very low pressure.. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be like that, i just recall my Datsun having a very high pressure on those like after operating temperature.

If the engine temp stays fine, don’t worry about the pressure in the hoses. There is a quick fix for the low coolant level sensor sticking.

Oh yes…sorry that just had me worried, go on.

The sensor goes up into the bottom of the tank. It is located near the front of the tank- toward the headlights. With the engine and key off, unplug the electrical connector by pushing it downward. Then actually bang on the front and top of the tank with your fist. This will usually free up the sensor. Then plug it back in and start the car to see if the light went out.

LOL ok ill go try that.

Let me know what happens. I will be online for a few more minutes.

Wow that worked. I had to do it a second time but the light cut off the second time.

I’ll put in a nice donation later this week i bookmarked it! i just gotta wait till the paycheck comes in, whole radiator going out kinda killed what i had.

2004 Buick Century

 On occasion,will need to crank more than usual to start, and sometimes coughs threw tail pipe during the crank,but has not failed to start yet,and usually happens after setting for sometimes,such as in morning or after work-only has 100k and runs fine after started.

ProTech: Sounds like a tell-tale sign of either a leaking fuel pressure regulator or low fuel pressure due to a failing fuel pump. I would really lean towards the fuel pressure regulator, since you say it runs fine. You can check for a leak in the regulator by removing the vacuum hose to it and looking for any fuel to come out of either the hose or the regulator. This is best done hot and after the car has ran for a bit. Even the slightest smell of fuel and I would recommend changing it. You may also want to do a fuel pressure check just to make sure that the fuel pump is operating as it should. The spec for fuel pressure should be about 50psi with the key on.

Yes, the temperature light flickers on and off while driving. I have a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am Sedan.

You could possibly have a bad connection at the temperature sensor, or a bad sensor itself.

I had my a/c repaired, do you think they might have made a bad connection when they fixed it. Initially they had not hooked up the transmission hoses and all the air was gone in two days. Is it serious.

It is possible they could have jarred it loose, or didn’t connect it properly. As long as you know the vehicle is not overheating, it isn’t really a big issue.

Thanks, I do have a warranty I will go to the shop over the weekend so they can check it. I really freak out because it is my only transportation and I have no one to help me or take my anywhere. So it does become a big issue for me and I get so nervous my car may break down. .Does it take long for them to fix this issue?

It shouldn’t take that long, the sensor is relatively easy to get at. They can check the connection rather quickly I would say.

OK thank you so much.

No problem at all, have a nice night

You too, thanks.