Buick Regal Tie Rods- Buick Lucerne Upper Brake Light Bulbs

I have a 2002 Buick Regal LS, i recently got new tires and found out i need new tie rods. I have been looking around and still am not sure exactly what to buy.

I have a private mechanic fixing it for me so all i need is the rods but I’m unsure of what specifically to buy.

Well, there are inner and outer tie rod ends on your Regal. More than likely it’s the outer tie rod ends that your mechanic is telling you that you need, as those are usually what wear out. You can get tie rod ends at any parts store or GM dealership.

After you get them replaced, and since you have new tires as well, you will want to get an alignment done to keep tire wear to a minimum and set the toe/camber/caster to spec.

Buick Lucerne Brake Bulb Replacement

How to replace high mount stop bulb and rear license plate bulb on 2006 Buick Lucerne?

First off, the high mount stop lamp is not serviceable. The bulbs are not replaceable since it is an LED unit. You would have to replace the entire high mount stop lamp assembly to fix it. The rear package shelf has to be removed to access the lamp assembly to replace it. As for the rear license bulb replacement, there are just two screws holding in either side. Remove the screws, pull the lamp down and replace the bulb. Easy.

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