1996 Buick Riviera 3.8L Hesitation and Engine Light

I have a 1996 Buick Riviera Supercharged/3.8L V6. Engine hesitates around 1800 RPM’S & then accelerates fine. I have replaced the following: Fuel Pressure Regulator, air filter, air intake sensor, PCV valve, spark plugs and wires, MAP sensor, idle control sensor,  Mass airflow sensor and the purge control valve. I have a Check engine light on with code PO102. The light goes off at times & it runs fine when the MIL light is off?Picture of the GM 3.8L 3800 V6 Engine

Ok, that seems like an awful lot of parts to throw at a car to try and fix one problem. The p0102 is for the Mass Airflow Sensor. When you replaced it, did you use a GM part, or did you get the part at an aftermarket parts store like AutoZone or Pep Boys?

First one was from a junk yard’original equipment.

Yeah, well that’s never a good way to go. You need to a good known new part from your local dealership and go from there. There are so many different issues that can occur with a bad MAF sensor. Aftermarket ones are junk, and I would be the piece you got from a junkyard was just as bad. Well, like I said…..get a brand new one from the dealer and I would bet your problem will be gone. Also, check the connector at the MAF sensor for any wiring issues such as a broken terminal, loose terminal tension, or a wire that partially broken.

2nd one – original AC Delco rebuilt w/warranty. I also checked the Gnd Circuit, Voltage circuit, Signal circuit along with the 3 wire connector and it checked out fine.

Put a new MAF sensor in and you’ll be fine.

Seems to have plenty of power, starts right up, leaks no fluid or burns any oil.

That really is of no concern, if you’re setting a P0102, you need to replace the sensor. Oil leaking or burning would have nothing to do with the check engine light and the code you have.

O.K. Will try that. Thanks.

1997 Buick Riviera

I have a 1997 Buick Riviera – Supercharged 3.8L v-6. Car jerks several times, runs O.K. for while, then will jerk several times again.

By jerking do you mean the engine is misfiring, or do you mean something like a transmission problem?

This is after it goes into overdrive, around 50-55 MPH

Then I would say you have an internal transmission issue. This will usually the require the transmission to be removed and inspected for the problem.

Shifts fine at low & top end & accelerates fine. Okay. There are no problems with driving the van once it gets started, its just getting it started. There’s plenty of gas in the tank and sometimes it starts okay. two mechanics have scanned the vehicle and don’t know what the problem is. Traction light goes on & off at times. Scanner calls out P1645 or TCC Enable Circuit. will it help to change the filter & auto fluid?

The TCC is inside the transmission and needs to be repaired. Changing the filter and fluid will not help your condition.

Thanks for for the information on the TCC. There’s no need to waste $$$$ then.

Your Welcome.