Possible problem with BCM in 2015 Chevolet Cruze

Hey, for some reason my Chevy Cruze starts and engine runs but cuts off after a few minutes sometimes while parked. Then, when it doesn’t cut off while parked, I’ll test drive it in my parking lot a few times. Sometimes nothing happens it runs fine, but other times every warning light and service messages like service air bags, service stabilitak, auto theft deterrent, etc comes up. Then, after that the engine revs up and down, and cuts off, but the energy is still on.

After that the car engine doesn’t start and brakes lock for about 15 mins, but is back to normal (randomly repeats problem). The battery and alternator is good, but I think it may be the BCM because the window doesn’t move up/down ,the doors lock and unlock while the warnings messages pops up which is probably due to the anti thief system.

Answer: If your car has any aftermarket alarm or remote start system, i would first get rid of that. These systems cause headaches with today’s high tech electronics, especially if they were not installed correctly.

Next, be sure the battery connection are clean and tight on your Chevy Cruze. Follow the ground cable down to where it bolts to the engine or chassis and make sure it is tight. You definitely have an electrical problem. I would not just go and replace the BCM without ruling everything else out. That module is very expensive and needs to be programmed by the dealer.

The BCM should not cause the car to stall, it would prevent it from not starting though. You should get the computers scanned for trouble codes. These cars modules run on an CANBUS line and all talk to each other, so there may be codes in every module that would point to a specific circuit that is at fault.

Get a wiring schematic and find all of the grounds that relate to all the computers and have them checked. A bad ground will cause all kinds of crazy electrical problems.

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