Location And Replacing 3.1L Cam Position Sensor

Live Chat: I need to see where the camshaft sensor is located for my car as i am trying to replace it. I think i see it but want to make sure before i go trying things apart.

Is it on a 3400 engine?

3100 V6 engine.

OK. Just just about the same engine. The cam position sensor is located behind and below the power steering pump. Just look down between the pump and the upper intake plenum ans you will see it. There is a small wiring harness that goes down to it.

ok hold on.

I think i found it….this isn’t going to be that easy is it?

So to make sure i am correct the part that slides in not clips in is below the power steering pump and the rest comes up behind it correct? and the part that slides in has a 3/8 bolt..right?

The cam sensor is bolted down with a 10 mm bolt on the 3100 engine. Is slides straight down into the engine block behind the power steering pump. The pump needs to be removed.

Well crap…ok.

I am a 34 year old woman who has worked on cars off and on with my dad for years but he had a massive heart attack at the end of June and so he can’t help work on my car now. so i am going at this alone as my husband knows nothing about cars.

If you are going to try it yourself, i can give you some pointers.

So i appreciate all your help and i guess i am off to work into this 3100 V6 to see what i can do.

Yes please do.

Remove and Replace

To replace the camshaft position sensor, first remove the belt. There are 3 holes in the pump pulley, They will line up with the 3 13 mm bolts that hold the pump down. Remove those with a 13mm socket, preferably deepwell socket. The line for the pump will prevent the pump from being moved to much, so you also need to remove the bolts that hold the lines down. It is behind the alternator. Kind of tough to get to. Then the pump can be pried up out of the way to get to the sensor. The alternative is to remove the w lines on the pump then pry it up, but you will then have to bleed the power steering system as you will lose fluid.

Awe snap…ok. off to work on this i go…hope you have a great weekend and thank you for the help!!!

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