3.8L Buick Burns Oil Between Changes

I have a 2004 Buick 3.8 motor I’m burning a quart and half of oil between changes. I’m not leaking any oil on ground thanks kraig.

ProTech: You might want to check the PCV system. If the valve is bad, or one of the o-rings is cut, improperly installed, or missing, the engine will start to burn oil.

Thanks I did not know if there was a problem with the 3.8L. My shop that I go to has seen 5 in past year doing same thing. Changed PCV valve not helping much.

Usually that is the main cause of oil consumption, but there is always the possibility of internal engine problems such as worn pistion rings, leaking valve seals, etc. If the intake gasket is bad, or partially cracked it can also cause the engine to use oil.

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