2007 GMC Sierra Burns Oil and Idle Problems

2007 GMC Sierra with 50k miles has started to use oil, could this be a PCV problem?

There have been problems with oil consumption on those engines. Mainly a piston ring problem, but there is a service bulletin to attempt a correction before replacing pistons and rings, which is a big job.

Do you have a number or date?

Just a second and I will look… how many miles are on your truck?

56,000 miles.

Ok, it should still be under the factory powertrain warranty. Take this number to your local dealership and they should be able to help you. Bulletin #10-06-01-008C.

Thank you very much.

They may put you on an oil consumption test first to see how much oil it does use over about a 3 month period before they do any repairs.

2007 GMC Acadia

Where is the radio ampilfier located in a 2007 GMC Acadia?

Answer: The amp is located under the dash, on the drivers side, towards the left..

1987 GMC 3500 Series Truck

With a throtle body. It doesn’t drop back to an idle as soon as you de-throtle and sometimes it will die when you go to take off. I have changed the throtle position senser, the idle air solenoid,and cleaned throtle body, can you help? Thanks, Dale.

Have you checked for any vacuum leaks? Even a small one can cause an issue like you’re having. The throttle body base gaskets have been known to crack with age. Also you might want to the check the EGR valve for sticking open.

I did the vacuum leak test with ether, couldn’t find anything. That’s not a real good way to test, but I’ll take your word for it. Still though, you could have an EGR problem.

GMC Sierra Leaking Oil

I have a 2005 gmc Sierra that just started leaking at the bottom of engine What could it be?

Answer: That oil leak could be many things. Could be from the oil pan or rear main seal, or from something higher up. You need to go under the truck and clean it all off. Then drive for a few days and re-check to see if the oil is coming from the bottom of the engine or somewhere higher like a valve cover gasket.

5.3L Valve Cover Gasket Problem

Question: I ordered a valve cover gasket set and I noticed that it came with a little metal gasket. After making sure the valve cover was a match by removing the old one I tried looking for something that the metal gasket would fit the profile of. It’s going on a 2012 GMC Yukon with 5.3L Vortec V8. The gasket set part# is VS50504R1. If anyone knows where this gasket goes please enlighten me. I’ve been looking on the internet for a few hours now watching videos of people with the same set but nobody has mentioned where the gasket goes let alone show it.

Answer: The small metal gasket with the three holes is for the A.I.R. system injection pipe.