1997 Pontiac Firebird Battery Dead After a Few Days

1997 Pontiac Firebird. I have a new battery but my car still will not start after it sits for a few days. It has been doing this for a long time that’s why i have the new battery. Didn’t seem to help.I would like to know if there is a draw on the electric system while it sets. Or if something could be drawing the juice out and can be repaired.

Yes, it sounds as if you have an electrical draw on the battery if your Pontiac Firebird won’t start after sitting a couple of days. You would need to do a parasitic draw test on the vehicle. Starting with a fully charged battery, you need to hook up a multimeter between the negative battery post and cable. Set the meter to measure amps and watch the screen. You will see a large draw right away when everything powers up. Make sure the doors are closed and all accessories are off, as well as the key in the off position. After about 10 minutes or so, all the modules on the car should have powered down and you should see no more than about 0.080amp of a draw. That is about the maximum amount you want to see with everything off, and if it’s a lower reading that’s even better. If you have more than that, you do have something drawing the battery down. You’d have to start eliminating circuits by pulling fuses and watching for the draw to go away. That will pinpoint the circuit you have a problem on, and then you can make repairs.

Rear End Damage

i have a 2002 pontiac trans am , the problem is that the rear tire of driver is wiggling right and left and i saw the problem is the axle, how can i take out? can i change only the parts axle?

The axle change is a moderately skilled repair, but just about anyone with tools can do it. You would need to get the car in the air and remove the wheel/tire and the brake assemblies from the affected side. Then you need to remove the rearend cover and let all the fluid drain out. Place the car in neutral so you can turn the driveshaft and gear to access the pin bolt. This bolt holds the pin inside the differential. Once the pin is removed, push the axle inward towards the center of the vehicle and the c-clip that holds the axle in should fall out or be able to be pulled out. A small magnet helps here. Then you can pull the axle assembly out of the rearend housing and replace it. Reverse the order to reinstall.